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We are Wild Highs

A one stop premium holiday stay to revitalize your mind so that you become more productive and joyful in your daily life.

Wild Highs was founded in 2019, by three friends, two engineers and a university director, who faced burnout quite early in their life and learned the value of living a balanced and thoughtful life.

What once started as a small ritual to re-energize and boost their mind, body and spirit together, soon became a force to help others live a happier and healthier life.

We realized, to cherish others we need to care for ourselves first. As life is going too fast and not being able to enjoy it fully would be a waste.

And what could be a better way than sitting in the lap of nature to nurture yourself, that only knows how to give and never complains. 

We believe in GREEN therapy that helps you heal, grow and reach your pure potential.

Today, in this technology-driven world, we eat, sleep, work and might go out with some friend on weekends which is a huge withdrawal from the lifestyle of our not-so-distant ancestors who lived in the wilderness, walked barefoot upon the earth, and slept under the stars each night.

Nature can play a profound role in uniting you with your true identity as a spiritual being.

"Take time each day to commune with nature and to silently witness the intelligence within every living thing. Sit silently, watch a sunset, listen to the sound of the ocean or a stream, or simply smell the scent of a flower. In the ecstasy of silence, and by communing with nature, you enjoy the life throb of ages, the field of pure potentiality and unbounded creativity"

Deepak Chopra, from the book "The Seven Spirtiual Law of Success"

Our Team

Puneet, Co-Founder

Software engineer by profession and a traveller by passion. 

Rajat, Co-Founder

Coder by chance, a dog lover by choice.

Devika, Co-Founder

A proud mother of two kids and a poet.

Pankaj, Advisor

Entrepreneur and traveller.

Jai Ji, Service Manager

Service Manager at Wild Highs and dedicated father of two kids.

Amit Ji, Master Cook

Master Cook at Wild Highs and an explorer in free time. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. We are thrilled to connect with you and excited for the journey ahead.

With all our love,

Namaste 🙏

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Wild Highs,
Barot Valley, Himachal Pradesh
Phone: +91 9816047543, 9816022958
Email: info@wildhighs.com

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Wild Highs

We provide working couples an easy, worthwhile vacation away from the crowd in a premium swiss cottage camps to help them recharge and reconnect with their loved ones.