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Why Barot ?


Himachal Pradesh, home to scenic mountains and never-ending beauty. There are so many hill stations and all of them are pleasant one way or the other. However, the common thing among all, is they are overly commercialized and crowded. 


A 3-hours drive from Palampur, Wild Highs is located in Barot, a small village secluded from the traffic and honking, where you’ll experience the raw and untouched beauty of Mother Earth.


The natural hues of the water, the forests, and the trails will soothe your eyes. This old-fashioned valley has so much to offer that goes beyond the words.

From the aroma of the freshly prepared mustard oil, the sound of the river Uhl flowing, the touch of the exquisitely embroidered shawls, to the sight of the beautiful landscape,

Barot valley is a feast in all the senses.

Premium Swiss Cottage Camps

Our innovative camps are constructed on a concrete platform and supported by a steel frame. 
Every camp has an eccentric personality, with handpicked furniture, linen and decor. 
Quite spacious and comfortable, with minimalistic, modern arrangements.
Each camp has a separate bathroom so that you don’t have to venture into nature to take a bio-break!


Our Commitments

We value you and your families well being.


 We work hard to deliver on the

expectations we set - whether 

it be timely communication

 or the condition of the camp

Transparency & Honesty

We aim to be 100% transparent with

our guests. Hence, no surprise


Premium Experience

The passion of our people, the spirit of our natural surroundings and our excellent service together offer unforgettable experiences

Enhanced Cleaning

By following 4 steps:

Ventilating the space

 Cleaning the camp

Sanitising thoroughly

Re-Check to not miss anything

Cozy Corner

Our cafe welcomes you with a rustic charm, made of all-natural material and handcrafted decor sets for cozy and cheerful vibes with the most spectacular view. We offer unlimited coffee and  books for you to read and enjoy. Definitely, a place where you wouldn't mind spending the entire day at - we'll let the picture speak for themselves


Experience an eternal bliss that will
tranquillize your soul.

Get in touch

Wild Highs,
Barot Valley, Himachal Pradesh
Phone: +91 9816047543, 9816022958
Email: info@wildhighs.com

Stay Inspired

Wild Highs

We provide working couples an easy, worthwhile vacation away from the crowd in a premium swiss cottage camps to help them recharge and reconnect with their loved ones.